How Dropshipping Works


Dropshipping is becoming a very popular form of retailing products because you only have to pay for the items that you sell, in other words you get to have a fully stocked ecommerce shop or auction site shop without you having to spend thousands of pounds in stock, having suitable premises for storage of your stock, time and resources to package and post orders.

It works like this: You set up an account “Join Gothic Dropshipping” (there is a yearly membership fee to cover admin costs and to help keep the stock costs down, it is possible to easily cover this outlay with your first 1-2 good sales). Once you’ve created an account, all you need to do is grab the Gothic Dropshipping provided photos and product descriptions for the items you wish to sell and list them on eBay or your website, if you’re using Zen Cart for an ecommerce solution we can provide you with an easypopulate file which means you can upload all the stock in minutes. We also offer a service to create a fully stocked Zen Cart ecommerce shop for you.

After you make a sale and receive payment, log into the Gothic Dropshipping Shop, select the product you have just sold and take it through the checkout and pay for it. Enter the buyer’s address details, and we will package it and post it for you!

 In short, we take all the responsibility for handling and managing stock, saving you a lot of time and money!

Our prices are on average slightly higher than Bulk buying prices we are of course here to make some money also, although we make a small fraction compared to the percentage you will profit, Bulk buying may seem more profitable to you, but think about it, sellers often neglect to realise, how many £1000s have to be invested to keep a good stock range, rent/rates/running costs required for premises to stock it all in, and even simple things like the time it takes to go and get the item, wrap it up and take it down to the post office and post it.


For new sellers the main advantage of dropshipping is the lack of risk. But for more experienced sellers, we believe that the greatest benefit dropshipping holds for them is the ability to offer a much larger range of stock than your currently hold with minimal cash outlay.


So can you make money?

As I said earlier you can just make a few pounds a week if you treat it as a hobby, pocket money really, perhaps a night out. But put the work in and you have the potential to make a good wage. Some of our more expensive items have over £30 profit for you every time you sell one of them! We even have a few items of furniture where the profits are much higher.


So many people start businesses up and just expect to make money, I think this is often because less reputable companies fill their websites with “GET RICH FAST” “MAKE A 6 FIGURE WAGE IN 6 MONTHS” “SIT BACK AND WATCH THE MONEY COME IN” of course the reality in some cases is they’re sitting back and watching your subscriptions fees come in and don’t really care if you actually make any money or not.


If you want to treat it as a business, and make it your sole income, personally I would recommend you have another income of some sort for the first few months until your business gets established, don’t just jump in, a little part-time job can do wonders for your pocket during the first few months! But more importantly than anything else you need to put in EFFORT to make money! You need to market your site, you need good search engine rankings (SEO) on your website, and you want people to find it when they use a search engine such as google. Pay for adverts in magazines, do leaflet drops etc. All these things can increase your income dramatically.


We of course will help as much as possible in our forum to advise people on things they can do, even more unusual get advice from our other customers! Rivals helping each other out… strange but true at Gothic Dropshipping.

Simple example of how it works

Just example prices not based on any particular item

 1)  You list a Gothic Dropshipping product at a suitable price (we recommend you use RRP) for this example lets say £19.99

 2) The product is sold from your sales venue, you receive payment from your customer.

 3) You login to the Gothic Dropshipping shop, purchase the product for £11.49 and pay for the product using Paypal

 5) We carefully pack your product, wrapping it twice (in some cases three times) in bubblewrap, place it in a bio-degradable mailing bag, labelled with your customers name and address, a “Fragile – handle with care” label both on the front and rear of the package, and post it via Royal Mail in less than 48 hours (over 90% of packages are despatched within 24 hours) after you purchased it! With no mention of Gothic Dropshipping any where on or in the package.

 6) Your customer receives the product, and your profit of £8.50 remains in your paypal account.

 Watch the profit come in every time you sell an item ££££

Ebay Sellers

 So many companies these days are telling you that you can “GET RICH FAST SELLING ON EBAY!” Honestly I doubt it. You may make some money on eBay but nothing compared to what you can make from having your own ecommerce (website) shop. EBay sellers a few years ago were able to make a quite a lot of money, but now the competition and fees are both far too fierce to easily make money, yes you can still make money on eBay but it’s a small amount of profit each time you make a sale and in truth can become quite hard work.

 EBay has devalued the retail prices of many products, people are buying in large bulk from manufactures and adding as little as £2 on the price of each items they sell, in many cases they’re selling the items at wholesale prices to the public. Take away their eBay fees and paypal fees and often they’re not actually making money! This is why so many of them disappear within a few months.

From your own website shop you can sell all your items for full RRP unlike ebay were only part of your range will be able to achieve full RRP!

Make sure people can find your shop

 SEO is of vital importance, this does get discussed in detail in our forum. Think of links as the road traffic that moves through the web. If there are no roads to where your business “lives” online, namely your website, it’s far less likely that the visitors you want will end up getting to you.

That’s true whether you’re talking about search engines or links from other sites. Search engines use a mysterious cross between the number and quality of links to your site in their determination of whether you should be number one or number 701 for your desired keyword.

In addition, the “nicer” the road, the more traffic will flow through it – think of an authority site (high page rank) linking to your site as a motorway that leads directly to your site, and one from a reciprocal link or link exchange scheme as a back alley in a bad neighbourhood full of potholes.

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